Intuitive eating my ass !!

I bought a book a few years back called “Intuitive Eating”.  I could probably make a small fortune selling all the books, magazines and other assorted diet and exercise related paraphernalia that I’ve purchased over the years.  Many have gone by the wayside; only a select few remain in my possession collecting dust in the cabinet in my den.

I guess what I was attempting to accomplish when I started this blog was in essence a method of intuitive eating.  The concept is a basic one … “eat when you’re hungry and stop when you’re full”.  Sounds pretty simple doesn’t it ??

However as I discovered just a few shorts weeks in to my journey, my complex little brain just didn’t quite grasp it.

I purchased the book because it’s exactly what I want from life.  Well, at least my life in regards to my health and well being.  It claims to teach you how to have a healthy relationship with food and to not measure your worth as a person because you ate food that is “bad” or “fattening”.  It claims to help you distinguish between physical and emotional feelings, and gain a sense of body wisdom.   It claims to assist you in making peace with food so that you no longer have constant “food worry” thoughts.

Anyone who has followed either of my blogs will find these phrases all too familiar, as these are all concepts I have struggled with my entire adult life.

Perhaps it’s my Italian background and our love for fine foods in large quantities.  I come from a very large family, and as with most people I know, whenever we get together for a special occasion the gathering is centered around food.  Isn’t that why so many people complain how difficult it is to stick to a healthy diet this time of year?  I’ve been to more parties, gatherings, and dinners than I can count in the past month or so, and each one had an abundance of food and drink, of which I joyfully and heartily partook.

That being said, since I went back to a more structured system of diet and exercise a week ago, I have had much more success than I did with my former method.  I lost 2 pounds this week, but more importantly I feel a million times better.  I hit the weights 3 times last week, and each time with a formulated plan as to the routine prior to hitting the gym.  This is what I do with all of my clients, so I’m not sure why I thought winging it would magically work for me.

I also went back to counting calories, and although I wasn’t perfect, I believe just creating an awareness makes me feel more accountable, and that brings me success.  Losing any amount of weight just one week before Christmas is, in my eyes, a major accomplishment.  Go me 🙂

As promised in week one, I managed to incorporate one new killer exercise into my routine, and I discovered a simple and delicious new recipe as well.

The exercise is called the BOSU Bulgarian Lunge Hop and can be viewed on my EOTW tab, and I absolutely love it, even if my quads hated it at the time.  You’ll also find a link to a recipe for Bacon Barely Risotto on the Recipes tab.  You really can’t go wrong with any recipe that includes bacon can you?

In all fairness, I never really gave the Intuitive Eating read a chance, and if I remember correctly I don’t even think I finished the book.  Perhaps it’s time to dust if off and give it another go.  What have I got to lose, other than the obvious ??


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