Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy

This Keep-It-Simple-Stupid system of weight loss isn’t really working according to plan.  Guess I’m dumber than I thought 😦  I’m back to square one as of my last weigh in … actually I’m up 1/2 a pound from when I started my journey just a few short weeks ago.

Now of course I can blame the season for my countless over indulgences, and admittedly they have contributed somewhat to my new-found holiday bulge.  But that would be an excuse.  Actually, I’m using the holidays as an excuse to eat just about everything in site.  And in addition to that, being the all-or-nothing person that I am, my workouts have taken a backseat as well.  No point in exercising when my diet is out of control right ??  I believe that’s what’s referred to as backwards thinking.

So in light of my recent failure, I’ve decided to come up with a new plan of attack.  For a brief period in the past few days, I considered going at it hard core.  With the countless diet schemes out there promising quick and dirty results NOW, surely I’d find one that could work for me ?!?!  And after talking to a member at work I also considered taking some supplements; she told me about a product that helps to relieve stress and therefore the swollen belly and added weight gain that often accompanies stressful periods.  But thankfully the voice of reason stepped in to save the day.

While I do believe stress is a contributor to weight gain, and I am feeling a good amount of stress in my life right now, I also believe that popping a pill to help relieve it is also backwards thinking.  Remember, this journey is not just about weight loss but about feeling better about myself overall and becoming the best I can be, and masking my stress with a pill is not the proper route to take.  If I stop taking the pills will my stress magically disappear ??  No.  And while my recent weight gain does contribute to my stress levels, I know deep down that I can fix that with a simple amount of effort in the diet and exercise departments.  And yes, exercise really does produce endorphins that make you feel good 🙂

So, I put aside the fleeting thoughts of magic pills and fad diets, while at the same time designing a plan that I know works for me.  While I long for the day when I don’t have to count and obsess about every morsel that passes my lips, for some reason that just doesn’t seem to work for me, or at least not now.  Hopefully one day I will get to that point, but until then I need a better plan of attack, albeit a simple one.

I’m going back to counting calories, and I really, really need to get back into a regular routine of working out.  Being the anal retentive person that I am, I have kept records of calories consumed and exercises performed for the past several years, including back when I had lost close to 30 pounds a few years ago.  It took me about 6 months to lose 30 pounds, and I didn’t have to starve myself to do it.  I simply needed to have an awareness of what I was consuming (and burning) and I needed to be consistent about my efforts.  Not perfect, but consistent.

And no excuses folks, I’m starting my new plan TODAY, not January 1st.  Being overweight really does affect my psyche and my well-being, and if I wait until the New Year and gain even more … well let’s just say that would not be a good thing 😦


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