Two Steps Forward, One Step Back …

This journey of mine is indeed an arduous one.

I had planned to write an entry in my blog weekly, but the Grey Cup and it’s corresponding festivities got in the way of blogging last week.  But a fun time was had by all 🙂

In the week prior my weight remained stable, and this past week I went up one pound.  Again … not complaining, as I had a couple of very indulgent weekends and my exercise habits were not quite up to par.

I find when I’m pressed for time for a workout and I only have a half hour or so to spare, more often than not I jump on the treadmill and go for a quick run.  Not only does all my training (as in my education to become a personal trainer) tell me this is the improper choice, but my personal life experiences force me to acquiesce.

I would gain much more (and you all know what I mean by gain here .. right ?!?!), if I spent that time in the weight room rather than expending my all my energy performing a quickie cardio routine.  But running is what I love to do, and it’s easy for me, so that’s often where I find myself.

In a perfect world I’d have enough time for both daily, but I digress.

I did manage a few weight training workouts, and my Exercise of the Week is a killer.  If anyone asked me, or any of my sisters for that matter, what our problem area was, I’m quite certain we’d all reply with a very resounding LEGS !!!  And because of this I love working my legs more than any other body part.

When I tried this exercise for the first time, a few expletives made their way out of my mouth throughout the routine, and my few lucky clients that I’ve tried this on can vouch the same.  It’s called a Standing Box Jump, and you’ll find it around the 4:57 mark in the video on the EOTW page.  This type of exercise is called Plyometrics, and it’s one of my favourite styles of training, both for myself and clients who can manage, although because of the impact on the body, it’s definitely not for everyone.

My newest kitchen creation was a Chickpea and Couscous Stew.  I got it from the 2013 Longo’s calendar which has yet to be posted online, so I’ve found a similar version that you can find under the recipes tab.  I have never actually had couscous, and while the recipe was good, I doubt I will make it again.  Being single and working crazy hours, I tend to make food in batches so I can manage for a few days on one dish.  While this one was good on day one, I did not enjoy the leftovers all that much.  But I do love chickpeas and butternut squash, so if you do too give it a shot.

With the holidays fast approaching and my social calendar filling up quickly, efforts to eat healthy and get in exercise becomes more and more challenging, but as suggested I will do as best as I can and not think about it … or at least that’s the plan 😉


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